CardioRhythm 2011


Certificate Course in Cardiac Rhythm Management for Clinicians & Allied Professionals


Pre-Conference Workshop (24 - 27 February 2011)

Cardiac Rhythm Management Course & Practice Workshop for Clinicians & Allied Professionals

Course Objectives:
1. Comprehensive teaching of basic concepts essential to electrophysiology and cardiac rhythm device management
2. Clinical practice topics that applied the basic concepts to everyday practice and patient management
3. The program will help clinicians prepare for examinations in electrophysiology and device management

Highlights of the program:

  • Fundamentals of EP testing

  • Basics of Cardiac Pacing and Defibrillation

  • Practical Tips in ECG Interpretation

  • Principles of Entrainment and VT Mapping

  • Substrates, Diagnosis and Differentiation of SVT
  • Practical Tips on Imaging in EP and 3D Mapping

  • ICD and CRT Follow up and Management of Complications

  • Advanced Programming Features in Pacemakers, CRT and ICD

  • Management of Difficult Arrhythmias in the ICU

  • Recognition and Management of Device Implantation Complications

* Limited registration on a first-come-first served basis


Main Conference (25 - 27 February 2011)

Highlights of the program:

  • Atrial Fibration (Ablation)

  • Bradycardia Pacing

  • Sudden Cardiac Death

  • Bard Symposium

  • Joint Session with Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society

  • Arrhythmia in Congenital Heart Disease

  • Korean -HK EP Case Workshop

  • CRT Workshop

  • Industry Sponsor Sessions

  • Poster Sessions
  • Atrial Fibration (Drug & Device)

  • ECG: Classic, Complex and Unknown

  • Syncope

  • Join Session with ICPES

  • Joint SOLAECE Symposium

  • AF Ablation Workshop

  • VT Workshop

  • Oral Abstract Sessions
  • Ablation - VT/SVT

  • Heart Failure & Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Tachycardia Therapy Device (ICD)

  • Joint Session with Heart Rhythm Society

  • Practical Aspects of Arrhythmia Management

  • Case Presentation (CSPE)

  • ICD Workshop

  • Live Cases